for an evolving marketplace

A dynamic learning environment fosters go-getter’s success.

Silver Lining Concepts Wants You to Join In!

Our business is booming, and we want energetic people to join our team. No need
to be an experienced marketer to build a career at Silver Lining Concepts. We’re looking
for raw talent to shape into the best brand advocates possible. If you’ve got the will to learn and
evolve, then we’ve got the program for you.

Here’s what it’s like to work for us.

Your Turn to Learn at Silver Lining Concepts

Education is key at Silver Lining Concepts. You’ll learn the ins and outs of successful brand management with the help of coaches who will show you how to plot out a successful strategy, for growth starting with the germ of an idea and ending with a well-thought-out campaign.

At Silver Lining Concepts, you’ll become adept at:
• In-depth problem-solving
• Scheduling meetings and organizing your time
• Espousing industry principles
• Directing team efforts

Be a Part of the Team at Silver Lining Concepts

Our experienced brand advocates are team-directed and ever-ready to answer your questions, guide your progress, and mentor you every step of the way. Once fledgling marketers, they have earned their wings through on-the-job training, and are willing to pass on their expertise to you.

Come for the Fun at Silver Lining Concepts

A big plus is sharing your ideas with others at conventions and industry events. We offer exciting travel opportunities to conferences hosted by leading telecommunications firms and customer acquisitions giants where new technologies and methods are showcased. The exchange of ideas is invigorating and essential to keeping our business model fresh and productive.

Ready to Sign on at Silver Lining Concepts?

The invite’s been made. It’s time for you to RSVP. If you’re driven, want a rewarding profession and love a collaborative, creative environment, then say “Yes” and become our newest brand advocate by sending your resume to