Heading to Dallas for Our Top Leaders’ Conference

Heading to Dallas for Our Top Leaders’ Conference

Travel is a big part of the Silver Lining Concepts experience. Throughout the year, our team visits other offices for cross-training, journeys to exotic locales for relaxing retreats, and spends weekends learning from the top minds in our field. Our next trip is one of these last types: we’ll be spending a few days in Dallas, Texas for what’s known as our Top Leaders’ Conference.

Nabreyia Scott, President of Silver Lining Concepts, is sending two of our top people to represent us at this event. They will hear keynote speakers from all across the country sharing their knowhow on different areas of our industry, including topics related to management and leadership.

Along with the formal talks, attendees will have chances to network with other rising stars in the business, learning about the best practices being used in different markets. These connections always inspire us to use innovative strategies in our work when we get back home, and the increased size of our contact lists after an event like the Dallas conference serves to push our careers forward as well.

The most motivating part of the weekend will likely be the awards ceremony though, where women and men will be recognized for hitting big career goals. The stories these people tell after receiving their awards always fill us with resolve to make things happen in our own careers.

The Top Leaders’ Conference is coming soon, and we know it will be a huge success! Like Silver Lining Concepts on Facebook to see content from the event.