How Our Values Influence Our Training Approach

How Our Values Influence Our Training Approach

Continual learning is a Silver Lining Concepts value, and it’s evident through our comprehensive training program. Our leaders know that knowledge and the power to put it to use are the foundation of success, and we’ve structured our development program to reflect this.

For instance, from day one with Team Silver Lining Concepts people are paired with an experienced coach to guide them along their career journeys. These are team members who have worked their way through our organization from entry-level positions, so they understand exactly what it takes to succeed with our team.

We also provide hands-on experience through workshops and seminars. These might occur in-house, led by leaders with proven expertise in a particular area, or they might include travel opportunities to weekend conferences. These special events give us chances to learn from the best and brightest in our field, and allow us to build our professional networks as well.

Once a team member has mastered the basics of their role, they earn promotions to higher levels of responsibility. This ensures that associates continue to learn and grow. Also, managers become coaches for the next batch of team members. The best way to ensure our mastery of a subject is to teach what we know to someone else.

We have a world-class success system that keeps team members and our company growing.